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This is a truly a step-by-step course that will take you into the incredible world of Tableau. Even after the first section of our course, you will understand how to create beautiful reports with Tableau! Learn by doing! Each section of our training comes with a new dataset for you to download and a new set of lessons and exercises that will challenge you to learn in a fun and engaging way. After our introductory section, every module is independent so you can start from wherever you’d like. The more you learn and practice these skills, the better you will get. Feel free to take your time while you master this valuable set of Tableau skills. This class will make you a highly proficient Tableau Analyst. By the end of this course you will confidently add Tableau to your CV.
What are the requirements?
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel
What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 70 Video Lectures and 8 hours of content!
What is the target audience?
  • You should take this course if want to learn Tableau completely from scratch
  • You should take this course if you know some Tableau skills but want to get better
  • You should take this course if you are good in Tableau and want to take your skills to the next level and truly leverage the full potential of Tableau

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Tableau Software Introduction 00:18:00
Tableau Desktop Tour FREE 00:08:00
Section 2: Data Prep
Data File Download Instructions 00:01:00
Live vs Extract Connection 00:11:00
Data Source Editor 00:05:00
Pivoting and Splitting Data 00:11:00
Data Interpreter 00:03:00
Knowledge Check: Data Prep 00:10:00
Section 3: Data Visualization
Pivot Tables and Heat Maps 00:07:00
Highlight Table 00:03:00
Bar Chart – Aggregate vs Disaggregated Data 00:02:00
Bar Chart – Bar in Bar 00:05:00
Bar Chart – Stacked Bar 00:03:00
Bar Chart – Bullet 00:10:00
Bar Chart – Combo Chart 00:06:00
Bar Chart – Histogram 00:06:00
Line Chart – Single Axis 00:04:00
Line Chart – Blended Axis 00:03:00
Line Chart – Dual Axis 00:04:00
Maps – Filled Map 00:04:00
Maps – Symbol Map and Map Settings FREE 00:07:00
Proportional Charts – Pie Charts vs Tree Maps 00:09:00
Proportional Charts – Scatter Plots 00:06:00
Proportional Charts – Word Cloud FREE 00:03:00
Charts – Motion Chart 00:06:00
Knowledge Check: Charting 00:10:00
Section 4: Dashboard Design
Canvas Selection and Adjusting Size 00:03:00
Tiled vs Floating Objects 00:06:00
Pixel Perfect Alignment 00:04:00
Adding Images and Text 00:07:00
Adding Background Color, Shading, Separator Lines 00:19:00
Dynamic Chart Titles FREE 00:10:00
Information Icons 00:08:00
Exclude Until Clicked 00:07:00
Creating a Story 00:07:00
Knowledge Check: Dashboards 00:10:00
Section 5: Managing Your Data - Filters, Sorts, Actions, and Calculations
Filters – Application and Customization 00:15:00
Action Filters 00:05:00
Action Jumps FREE 00:10:00
Sorting Your Data 00:07:00
Top and Bottom N Filtering 00:04:00
Modifying Measure Aggregation Type 00:04:00
Totals and Sub Totals 00:03:00
Calculations – String Functions 00:04:00
Calculations – Basic Arithmetic 00:03:00
Calculations – Date Functions 00:10:00
Calculations – Logic Statements 00:13:00
Table Calcuations 00:07:00
Date Aggregations 00:02:00
Discrete vs Continuous Measures 00:05:00
Level of Detail Calculations 00:06:00
Parameters – Dimension Swapping 00:14:00
Knowledge Check: Managing Data 00:10:00
Section 6: Grouping Data
Groups 00:06:00
Sets 00:03:00
Hierarchies 00:03:00
Bins 00:05:00
Section 7: Formatting
Size 00:06:00
Updating the Axis 00:08:00
Colors, Borders, and Transparency 00:06:00
Adding/Removing Chart Lines 00:04:00
Trend Lines, Forecasting, and Reference Lines 00:06:00
Mark Labels vs Annotations 00:08:00
Enabling the Summary Box 00:02:00
Chart Titles and Captions 00:06:00
Section 8: Advanced Data Prep
Using Blends 00:07:00
Unions 00:04:00
Section 9: Sharing Your Dashboards
Publishing to PDF 00:07:00
Exporting to Pivot Tables and Images 00:09:00
Exporting Packaged Workbooks 00:03:00
The Difference between Tableau Workbooks and Packaged Workbooks 00:08:00
Publishing to Tableau Server 00:01:00
Section 10: Notable new features in Tableau 10.5
Viz in Tooltips 00:04:00
Tableau Data Extract improvements with Hyper 00:03:00

Course Reviews


95 ratings
  • 5 stars84
  • 4 stars10
  • 3 stars1
  • 2 stars0
  • 1 stars0
  1. Chris Rebant


    easy to follow, very helpful to use the same data throughout the course so one can clearly see the differences between various visualizations.

  2. Arjun Rattan


    The course very methodically covers tableau starting with simple chart types, showing their capabilities, and then pulling them together for practical use via creating dashboards and stories. Dashboard design is well explained.

  3. Stanley F. Siranovich


    More comprehensive than some of the other Tableau courses I’ve taken. Also gives more explanation of what’s happening “under the hood” rather than the usual click here for this and there for that.

  4. Rita Long


    Excellent introduction to Tableau. Training is delivered at a great pace and easy to understand and retain.

  5. Wendy Weber


    The instructor is extremely knowledgeable! I have taken 5 Tableau classes and I am still learning new information from this instructor.

  6. Tyler Tomczyk


    Good overview and pace.

  7. Jim Wallace


    Excellent examples with good explanations.

  8. Mark Gandy


    I’m an advanced-beginner, so I did not do the modules in order.

    The pace was perfect. I liked the voice of the instructor. I’ve taken several Tableau courses over the years, and this one is on par.

    Two suggestions for getting the most out of this content. Go through it once as fast as possible taking note of what you want to go back to as there is a ton of content here.

    Then go back, slow down, and do the exercises. Going forward, think of this material as your Tableau Wiki.

    There was definitely no fluff in this course.

    Also, a big high five to the instructor for answering a database question for me in LinkedIn.

  9. Olumuyiwa David Omogbehin


    Thanks alot. I really enjoy the course and every bit of the explanation was very clear and concise. In short I dont know how I can THANK you more than this due to the fact that you make me became a TABLEAU Expert in short period and I have been looking for something like this to give me the edge within the market. I can develop Tableau from the beginning to the end now. Thanks. You are more than Five Stars Rating.

  10. Todd Schuette


    Very good teaching technique.

  11. Guillermo Carmona


    Excellent course for the beginners !

  12. Jose Castell


    Great course, excellent teacher.
    Would love to see more statistical type of analysis being done.

  13. Pile Haug


    It covers the topics I had difficulties before even I took some Tableau courses earlier.

  14. Kathryn Oleksiw


    I really liked that this course was broken up into logical segments. It was very easy to follow along and i feel confident that I can build effective visualizations.

  15. Raj


    Nice intro to designing dashboards and sheets in Tableau 10

  16. Darren Bridger


    Really clear explanation of fundamental stuff like Level of Detail and Parameter Control. Very pleased so far

  17. Ken Higginbotham


    Excellent course.

  18. Washington Doe


    Excellent 5 Stars

  19. Rakesh Auplish


    It is a good course to understand visualisations in Tableau.

  20. sandhya Narayanswamy


    Great training! well explained ,right pace and easy to follow . Totally worth it.

  21. Sunil Singh


    clear way of learning

  22. Aman S


    I have finished the course, except the formatting section. I found that it has really good course structure, from basic to advance concepts. I can’t find much on Statistical modelling and server or R language. I recommend it as good course to know tableau desktop applications.