Complete Tableau Training for Dashboard Development

Let’s get you connected to data and creating dashboards!

What our Happy Students Say
Makes Tableau so accessible. Easy to follow units with real world examples that are laid out in such a way that it makes it very easy to reference back for a refresher when working. Nice job!​
Jackie Martin

Tableau Training Fundamentals

Understand the Tableau platform, types of visualizations, and how to build dashboards

Trusted by Thousands of Students

“Better than most courses on this subject. I have also done LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) and YouTube videos.​”
Loren meissner
“I’ve taken a few other courses but I tribute this course the most with helping me get up to speed with Tableau. As I was taking this course I was able to apply a lot of what I learned to create a dashboard for work and I’m excited to work on many more. This course has all the main elements that are needed to help anyone become effective with Tableau.​ .”
Josh Aragon
“I’m an advanced-beginner, so I did not do the modules in order. The pace was perfect. I liked the voice of the instructor. I’ve taken several Tableau courses over the years, and this one is on par. Two suggestions for getting the most out of this content. Go through it once as fast as possible taking note of what you want to go back to as there is a ton of content here. Then go back, slow down, and do the exercises. Going forward, think of this material as your Tableau Wiki. There was definitely no fluff in this course. Also, a big high five to the instructor for answering a database question for me in LinkedIn.”
mark gandy

“Very clear and concise explanations. Definitely goes over not just “here’s how to do cool things w/ Tableau”, but more explains specific items you’ll want to keep in mind when using Tableau in a business environment.”

Adam rauh
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