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Training Developed by Actual Tableau Consultants

There are so many Tableau courses that barely scratch the surface of what’s possible. We’ve seen it all and worked across all industries. Learn what works from those actually developing solutions, not just writing about them

Design Best Practices

Learn to create dashboards that people actually want to use. Focus on the “why” and “the art of the possible” when it comes to dashboards

Performance Optimization

Slow dashboards are never a good thing. Learn how to speed up your Tableau Workbooks

Pro Tips

We’ll share critical tips like how to save valuable dashboard real estate with parameters and dynamic calculations


Which version of Tableau Desktop ?

We recommend that you install Tableau Desktop 10.5 at a minimum to get the most out of the training material

Tableau Server Access Included ?

Not at this time, however, you have the option to publish to Tableau Public

How can i follow along ?

We provide all data files and Tableau Workbook files required for each training course

What do i need to open the files ?

You’ll need to have Microsoft Excel installed along with Tableau Desktop or Public

Is there a way to get Tableau for free ?

Tableau Desktop includes a 14-day free trial. If you need more time, I’d recommend installing Tableau Public which is a free, software limited, alternative

How can I ask questions ?

Simply reach out using our contact page and we’ll respond ASAP

I'd like to enroll my team. Could you help ?

Please contact us and we’ll set you up with a multi-user license for your organization 

Are there any access limits ?

Nope. You have lifetime access to everything you enroll in 🙂

I'd like to get certified. Will this prepare me ?

Yes! We’re Tableau certified and would love for you to get certified too! The course content will help prepare you for certification. Reach out with any questions, we’re happy to advise you

Enroll your Team today. Get Started.

Customers reviews

I’ve taken a few other courses but I tribute this course the most with helping me get up to speed with Tableau. As I was taking this course I was able to apply a lot of what I learned to create a dashboard for work and I’m excited to work on many more. This course has all the main elements that are needed to help anyone become effective with Tableau.​
Josh Aragon
Business Analyst
Very clear and concise explanations. Definitely goes over not just “here’s how to do cool things w/ Tableau”, but more explains specific items you’ll want to keep in mind when using Tableau in a business environment.

Adam Rauh
Clear and concise examples. Good real world implications. Allows for creative thought about potential usage.​
Sue Golestaneh
Better than most courses on this subject. I have also done LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) and YouTube videos.​
Loren Meissner
These videos helped me clear Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification. Thanks!​
Vish Kumar
I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. The pace was set so that there was time to explain each step. Sometimes this seemed redundant or slow, but it was perfect when I didn’t know what to do next. Rob speaks concisely, enunciates well, and has good diction facilitating easy content absorption. I also liked that we saved all the sheets in one workbook. This gives me a valuable reference that I can use in the future. I am using TableauPublic so there were some functionality issues that I didn’t really get to test out, but the course as a whole is a great introduction to Tableau. Thanks!
Jose Guijarro
I’m an advanced-beginner, so I did not do the modules in order. The pace was perfect. I liked the voice of the instructor. I’ve taken several Tableau courses over the years, and this one is on par. Two suggestions for getting the most out of this content. Go through it once as fast as possible taking note of what you want to go back to as there is a ton of content here. Then go back, slow down, and do the exercises. Going forward, think of this material as your Tableau Wiki. There was definitely no fluff in this course. Also, a big high five to the instructor for answering a database question for me in LinkedIn.​
Mark Gandy
I am very glad to have enrolled in this class. Before joining in, i have no idea how Tableau even looked like. The course has given me everything i needed to navigate and make the most out of Tableau. No wasted minute 🙂 Kudos to Rob! He presented the course very clearly, comprehensive, and engaging. From introducing Tableau to creating demos to sharing his tips and tricks, he remained consistent throughout the whole process, thus, it was not painful looking at all those samples, it was in fact exciting as he moved from one lesson to the next. I highly recommend this course to all of you out there, especially if you and Tableau are not acquainted yet. Best place to start.​
Richie Gay Beluso
The entire course was very well organized and explained. I am happy to say that I have learned from scratch to become one of the experienced tableau professional in my organization. Instructor has a very good knowledge and a strong command over the tool. Video and audio quality was very clear and easy to understand. Thank you for making me what I am today. I am using TableauPublic so there were some functionality issues that I didn’t really get to test out, but the course as a whole is a great introduction to Tableau. Thanks!
Anil Dalvi
I am impressed with the slide showing pros and cons and the explanation of the software. I’ve taken several classes and haven’t seen this explained so well before. I’m also impressed about the quick responses to the student questions. I’m starting a new job and was worried about running into issues that i wasn’t sure where to find the answers.
Robin Young
More comprehensive than some of the other Tableau courses I’ve taken. Also gives more explanation of what’s happening “under the hood” rather than the usual click here for this and there for that.​
Stanley F. Siranovich
Makes Tableau so accessible. Easy to follow units with real world examples that are laid out in such a way that it makes it very easy to reference back for a refresher when working. Nice job!​
Jackie Martin
This course gives the information of all the features available in tableau. I am completely satisfied with this course. Thanks to the author for the great work.​
Rajkumar Asohan
Great course to get started with Tableau. Easy to understand in step by step instructions. I enjoyed it so much I ordered the next course already!​
Willem Siebers

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